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This short course has been designed for people interested in creating change for sustainability through education and communication. CERES has been in the business of educating students and the community in sustainability for over 30 years. Our experienced educators will take you through experiential approaches to environmental education and effective ways to change behaviours and take action for sustainability. The learner will gain theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to create immersive learning experiences. The course will cover resource use, environmental management, behaviour change and community engagement. Be inspired by our existing programs and demonstration landscape. CERES educators and industry mentors will share their experiences educating and communicating to students, teachers, organisations and community members how to reduce their impact on the earth.

This eight week course explores different approaches to environmental education: 

Session 1 - Introduction to Education for Sustainability

Session 2 - Biodiversity & Sustainable Food Systems

Session 3 - Energy Use, Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Session 4  - Waste, Organic Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis

Session 5 - Water Use, Quality and Sensitive Urban Design

Session 6 - People, Behaviour Change and Community Engagement

Session 7 - Meet your Mentor Day

Session 8 - Graduation and Presentation Day

Each session has been crafted to involve the learner in the topic. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop and practice what they have learnt.

Sessions 2 – 6 have been designed for special interest, individual PD days for teachers who can’t commit to the full short course. 

** A certificate will be issued upon completion of at least 75% of the course 

Trainers and Facilitators:

Lorna Pettifer - Education and Training Manager

Lorna Pettifer has been working in environmental education and presenting to community groups on sustainability for more than 10 years.  At CERES Lorna passionately manages and delivers adult education and training programs. Her background in sustainability stems from ecology and zoology and has broadened to community engagement, environmental management, behaviour change and farm and food programs. Lorna has worked with community groups, schools and individuals. Her work has supported teachers, students, households and organisations in sustainability management and behaviour change. As an environmental advocate she has worked in National Parks, Environmental Consultancies,  Universities, NGOs and Wildlife reserves as a conservationist, educator,  tour guide, bush regenerator, GIS Consultant, environmental modeller and researcher.

Shane French Excursions Area Manager

Shane’s environmental journey started when his Mum sat him down at the age of about 11 and explained that the environment was in crisis. He wasn’t sure he understood at the time, but those lessons and insights sat with him somewhere until they were ready to bloom. Whilst doing his Environment Degree at RMIT in 1999, Shane worked part time for Greenpeace Australia, training local fundraisers and campaigners. During this time he also helped put together a travelling environment education children’s show called “The Trash Fairies” in which he had the honour of playing Punk Fairy. This experience helped plant the seed of the education bug he later contracted. After finishing up at Greenpeace, Shane pursued a teaching degree at Melbourne University, and on completion of this worked part time at both Melbourne Zoo and CERES as an environmental educator. In 2006, Shane focused solely on teaching at CERES which lead him to becoming the CERES Education Excursions Manager in 2012.Shane remains more committed than ever to the CERES mission: “Address the causes of climate change, Promote social well-being and connectedness, Build local and global equity, and Embrace and facilitate rapid change.” Most importantly, Shane is a passionate supporter of the Richmond Football club and the English cricket team. Both of which are fantastic character building pass-times.

Lauren Kaszubski Excursions Waste Programs Coordinator & Outreach Educator

It all started in Year 9 when Lauren heard the first-hand story of a woman living in the tree top of a Californian Redwood for 464 days in protest against the logging of local Redwood forests. It was the story that would inspire Lauren to start the first ever Environmental Awareness Group at her high school and go on to study Environmental Science & Management at the University of Newcastle. During her time of study Lauren started working casually in outdoor education programs and this soon ignited her passion to work with children and the environment at the same time. Now-a- days Lauren is all about worm poo, recycling & waste management, and local food systems. Lauren started volunteering at CERES in 2013 and soon after became one of the CERES Excursions casual teachers. As of late 2013 Lauren has been the Excursions Waste Programs Co-ordinator. With her passion and knowledge combined Lauren works towards providing students with creative hands-on learning experiences that they can carry with them throughout their day-to-day lives.

This is an ACFE Approved Pre-accredited Course where the cost is subsidised for eligible participants. ACFE Information and Eligibility.

ACFE Eligible participants are deemed eligible through an interview process with our career pathways officer. The costs for these participants are $88 - ACFE Information and Eligibility.

Contact Karen Mengell on 9389 0127 or karen.mengell@ceres.org.au for more information and to book an interview. 

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What you will learn
  • Background in Education for Sustainability and engaged with mentors and industry
  • Immersion in topics of Biodiversity, Energy, Waste, Water, Behaviour Change and Community Engagement
  • How to create your own activities and you will present your own project at Graduation
What you will get
  • Experience in creating your own environmental education activities
  • Connection with mentors and people in the sector
  • A network of like minded students

What to bring
  • Comfortable enclosed shoes/boots
  • Appropriate weather gear eg sunhat
  • Pen and paper
  • Lunch
  • Enthusiasm to learn and get your hands dirty’
What to wear

Casual (Warning: This might get messy)

Appropriate for

People interested in creating change for sustainability through education and communication.

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09 October 2019 • Environmental Education Course

I attended the Environmental Education Course and loved every single moment of it! Lorna was such a fantastic facilitator; informative, engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. I learned so much from the course about our environment and what actions need to happen collectively and individually to preserve and protect it. Most importantly, I think that I fell in love with the earth even more and am not wanting to take all she has to offer for granted. I see more beauty in nature than I ever did before. I want to TAKE ACTION (and have) making the world a better, cleaner and healthier place to live. I would recommend this course to every single person on the planet over the age of about 15. I would love more than anything to see this curriculum taught in schools everywhere..... It NEEDS to be.


13 June 2019 • Environmental Education Course

CERES Environmental Education course broadened my understanding of a energy, biodiversity, water and behaviour change and boosted my confidence to teach and to run learning activities around these issues. What a great course.


06 October 2017 • Environmental Education Course

Very interactive course, a lot of knowledge and skills brought from the teacher and the other students. Plays, games, discussions were enhancing the program. Clear and accessible information. Pedagogic support Different each day, the approach was very diverse and fine.

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