Intro to Therapeutic Horticulture

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5.0 hours x 8 Weeks
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This course is designed to introduce participants to the growing  field of Horticultural Therapy in which gardens and garden based  activities are designed to support the physical, mental and social  health of individuals.  Studies show that gardening is a valuable way to  improve and maintain physical and mental health, bring communities  together and aid rehabilitation.  Gardens and garden based activities  are increasingly being used in settings and services such as hospitals,  schools, Aged Care, Disability, Migrant settlement, Youth and Justice,  and Mental Health.

The course will explore a range of aspects of both garden and  activity design such as understanding client needs, rehabilitation,  community gardens, working with all senses, catering for mobility issues  and includes a visit to SEEDS Communal Garden which is located within  Milparinka Disability Services.

The course will also provide an opportunity for participants to  explore training, volunteering and employment pathways in allied fields  such as Horticulture, Permaculture, Leisure and Health, Community  Services.

Trainer Bios:

Jo Townsend: In 2017 Jo completed the CERES Complete Urban Farmer course, following  which connected with trainer Justin Calverley, to combine their areas of  expertise and co write and facilitate the Introduction to Horticulture  Therapy. Jo comes with a foundation in adult education and training  following which she has undertaken a path specialising in the area of  creative and nature therapy, with previous studies in art therapy. This  year Jo has began a Masters in Therapeutic Art Practice and is also  undertaking the CERES Environmental Education course. Jo is passionate  about the power of this work and her role in facilitating a journey of  healing and empowerment through connection to nature, creativity and  self. She is currently involved with running a local Community Garden as  well as various programs and volunteer work, with a variety of   organisations including schools, kinders, and disability services.

Justin Calverley is a horticulturalist and  permaculturist with over 20 years experience and will be the lead  trainer for the Urban Farmer course. He has extensive knowledge and  experience in permaculture, garden design, organic gardening and native  bushfood plants. He specialises in edible gardens and is an expert in  fruit tree cultivation and pruning. For over 10 years Justin has taught  workshops at CERES in sustainable gardening and permaculture. Justin was  a regular broadcaster on 3RRR’s ‘Dirty Deeds”, a presenter on Ch  31’s “ The Garden Tap" and now author of The Urban Farmer.

* This is an ACFE Approved Pre-accredited Course where the cost is subsidised for eligible participants. For more information about eligibility please click here 

To apply you will need to contact our VET Co-ordinator, Karen Mengell, on (03) 9389 0127 or via email at karen.mengell@ceres.org.au

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What you will learn
  • Horticulture therapy with theory covering a variety of urban farming topics
  • Understanding clients needs and roles of nature connection with emotional and physical rehabilitation
  • Community, sensory and therapeutic gardens, food production
What you will get
  • Understanding of horticultural therapy
  • Skills and knowledge in establishing gardens
  • Pathways and opportunities in the sector

What to bring
  • Comfortable enclosed shoes/boots
  • Gardening gloves
  • Appropriate weather gear eg sunhat
  • Pen and paper
  • Lunch
  • Enthusiasm to learn and get your hands dirty’
What to wear

Casual, sturdy boots and weather appropriate clothing

Appropriate for

Those wanting an introduction to horticultural therapy

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06 July 2018 • Intro to Therapeutic Horticulture

A refreshing perspective on the art of healing. We all know that Nature is our best physician and this short course will prove that to you.